‘Gentlemen’s Racing’

In 2023 PEAK will have her 50th anniversary.
A true ‘head turner’. Racing PEAK, with the appropriate sails and crew, is more than exiting. It is true sailing.
Our many sail combinations demand respect from all of those lucky enough to have used them. Testimonials are widely available.
PEAK has been raced hard, but always with respect, both for its crew as for herself. 

For us us racing also serves another purpose. Racing her to the limits made her strong enough for cruising and chartering.

With this in mind we have continuously re-fitted Peak. Rudder, masts, booms and rigging, winches and tracks, all, yes, everything has been strengthened and tried. We did not want to have it otherwise. Indeed we do have carbon racing sails, which despite their age are still beautifully shapeholding. But the wire standing rigging has not been replaced with Rod. No we replace it, in time, with overproportioned wire rigging. This ensures the structure of the hull receives the loads she was designed for. Also having the shorter mast version of the 65 range she is actually underpowered, something we happily acknowledge every time the wind and sea's really set in. 

Nautor's Swan Med Regatta -Tuscany Challenge 


Nautor Swan, in collaboration with ClubSwan Racing, is working hard to deliver a brand new event: Swan Med Regatta – Tuscany Challenge, to be held at Marina di Scarlino on October 11 to 14, 2023.
It will be 3 coastal racing days, within the beautiful landscape of Maremma Tuscany, along with some special social events.
-Tuscany Challenge 

This is an ideal opportunity to share the extraordinary atmosphere of such a unique event with your sailing friends.
Nautor Swan is focused on making it something unmissable, ashore and at sea, permitting you to enjoy your yacht and an unparalleled atmosphere that only ClubSwan family can provide.

That week will represent a veritable celebration of the brand, along with a Boat show of the new models and the Swan One Design Worlds, where sailors will take part from all over the globe.

PEAK will not participate in the racing, but we will be there for sea-trials and viewing. 


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