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Peak Sailing
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Code of Conduct

This code is to ensure the ladies & gentlemen sailors aboard Peak behave in such a manner as not to put at risk the reputation of the yacht Peak during events

PEAK and the environment

  • Offer plastic free alternatives to guests wherever possible
  • Prepare delicious vegetarian and vegan menus for clients that wish to reduce their meat consumption
  • Use sustainably produced and organic meat, fish, and vegetables wherever possible
  • Reduce the consumption of single use plastics
  • Recycle and dispose of waste responsibly
  • Chose products that are kind to people and the planet

We also encourage our charters to go one step further by sharing ideas and best practice for ‘Eco Conscious Yachting’ and engaging in litter pick ups whenever possible. Our ‘Trash Tuesday’ trash collection expeditions are inspiring.

Peak was designed to sail.  We strive to use the engine as little as possible. Air ventilation is optimised, ensuring a healthy environment aboard. So by choosing to charter Peak you will be choosing a fantastic yacht experience as well as choosing to help preserve the health of our Oceans.


When sailing the use of alcohol is strictly forbidden, unless granted by the Captain. In port and ashore the use of alcoholic drinks is at the guest’s sailor own discretion (see under: Team Principle).


No business meetings or business of any sort is permitted on board the yacht (Bye Law 7), unless granted by the owner.


Guests are requested to wear the same outfit aboard the ship when racing. Please bring your own beige Bermuda shorts and beige sailing trousers. Polo-, T-shirts and Rugby sweaters with PEAK logo are supplied for the race. It is advisable to bring one or two extra white polo- and T- shirts for use during the day. Peak logo or Onesails caps are also supplied for the race.

During formal team dinners ashore, male team members are kindly asked to wear long beige trousers.

Fire Alarm

For your safety, the yacht is fitted with an electronic fire alarm. Smoking inside is strictly forbidden. Smoking on deck is only permitted when granted by the captain.

Portable office or business equipment

Equipment such as laptops and mobile phones can be used aboard, but owners are required to store them in their own cabin. Each cabin has 220 volts for charging. Care should be taken not to let such equipment linger around as it might fall overboard or get damaged otherwise. The chart table should be left clear at all times for navigation purposes only.

Sailing gear

There are safety-lines and life-vests on board. Guests sailors are free to bring their own. Please bring your own sailing gloves and heavy weather gear.


Guest sailors may not entertain the opposite (or same) sex in their cabin or anywhere else on the yacht.


It is strictly forbidden to board with shore shoes. Boat shoes should have non-marking soles and should be used on the yacht only.


Suitcases and other hard shell valises are not permitted aboard.

Team principle

During events those sailing on PEAK are kindly requested to behave in such a manner as to strengthen the team spirit and to realize at all times they are a representative of the yacht and its owner.

Things to bring

Please bring your own towel. Sun creams (not oil based) are provided for on board. For offshore crews bunks will have been made-up upon their arrival. During inshore races the crew and captain will sleep in rented apartments if pre-booked.


Care is to be taken with the toilets. No paper or plastics are to be thrown in. Blockage caused by careless use will have to be solved by the guest sailor himself. During inshore races the Aft port toilet will be available for use only.


There is a washing machine and an ironing board at your disposal. Please ask one of the crew for assistance.


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